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NEXT™ is a family and veteran owned company that has been providing both on-call and routed services to the business community since 1954.

Our clients include major bank and financial institutions, utilities and manufacturers, as well as a variety of small businesses.

We pick-up, deliver, and distribute everything from packages to pallets with a fleet of over sixty vehicles operating throughout New England.

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Our distribution operation presently delivers automotive, truck and agricultural parts, restaurant and cleaning supplies as well as pharmaceuticals throughout New England and the Long Island area of New York, and offers two levels of service.

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Our courier operation provides mail and inter-office services to the Connecticut business community and focuses primarily on the financial services industry.

What Makes Us Different

All our operators are put through a rigorous screening process, including a complete criminal background and driving record check, as well as drug testing.

We bring to the marketplace a well-seasoned and dedicated work force that provides our customers with a consistently high level of error-free service.

NEXT's efficiency means better service for you and your customers.

We have access to eleven distribution centers throughout New England, with nearly 125,000 square feet of warehousing, and 350 delivery vehicles.

Servicing 2,000 communities daily, all with a single point of entry at our Windsor Locks facility, including tracing and tracing via our Xcelerator software system.

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Daybreak Service

We offer pre-0800 unattended delivery throughout most of New England and those areas that we cannot reach with our own fleet are serviced by other New England based family owned and operated carriers with whom we interline daily. This network collectively provides access to eleven distribution centers throughout New England with nearly 125,000 square feet of warehousing and three hundred and fifty delivery vehicles servicing nearly two thousand communities daily, all with a single point of entry at our Windsor Locks facility with on-line tracking and tracing via our Xcelerator software system.

Daylight Service

Our daytime operation presently offers both courier and distribution services throughout Connecticut and western Massachusetts, although we certainly have the capability to expand those services beyond that area.

We’re in the business of providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to unique logistical challenges. We hope that this information has provoked some thought on your part as to how we could be of further service to your firm.

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Great customer service, fast unloading and very professional. Jim and the guys are awesome!

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D. Romero

Very nice...reliable and things get delivered fast and intact.

J. Rosario

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